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2014 Acquisition of S E Asia business and Established ECO Animal Health Malaysia 2002 acquisition of Ringpress Publishing
2013 Raised £12m from share placing 2002 1 for 2 bonus issue
2012 ECO Animal Health de Mexico established 1999 acquisition of Aquarium Products, USA
2012 Family shareholding reduced to 20% 1998 acquisition of pet books business published by Salamander
2011 PharmGate Animal Health, Canada established 1998 acquisition of Blagdon Garden Products
2010 PharmGate Animal Health, USA established 1997 acquisition of Mikki Pet Products
2009 Acquisition of ECOPHARMA, Japan 1996 disposal of Petworld Superstores for £1m
2009 Raised £6m from share placing 1995 joined Alternative Investment Market
2008 disposal of Aquarium Products 1995 acquired Interpet
2008 raised £15.5m from share placing 1993 disposal of Lawrence Industries for £4.5m
2007 company name changed to ECO Animal Health Group plc 1993 Eco Group established
2006 disposal of Agil for £5.5m 1992 shareholders allowed to exit and Rule 535.2 dealings commenced
2005 disposal of Blackfast Chemicals for £1.3m 1991 company re-organised and re-named Lawrence PLC
2004 sale of trading business of ECO Animal Health Southern Africa for £1.5m 1990 acquired Blackfast and Agil
2004 disposal of Interpet for £14.5m 1989 disposal of Absorbent Products for £3.5m
2004 purchase of 100% of ECO Animal Health for £20m 1988 disposal of Mor Products for £0.3m
2004 family shareholding now under 30% 1987 raised £1.9m as part of Business Expansion Scheme
2002 family shareholding reduced to 44% from 75% 1972 company started by Peter Lawrence and Barry Day, trading minerals, chemicals and specialised machinery